Armenia to buy 600 thousand doses of Covid-19 vaccine

Armenia is planning to buy about 600 thousand doses of Covd-19 vaccine for about 300 thousand people in risk groups, the Ministry of Health informs.

This will cost $6,330,000 USD, given the average $10.55 cost per one dose, which could still decrease as a result of negotiations.

The Ministry said the acquisition of theCovid-19 vaccine is needed to control the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) and, consequently, to improve the epidemic situation.

To this end, negotiations are underway with all possible parties, in particular vaccine manufacturers and international partners.

A special opportunity has now been created for getting the vaccine. A joint procurement platform has been set up, coordinated by international partners through the COVAX FACILTY Foundation. The latter negotiates directly with vaccine manufacturers, helping to speed up the process, setting common vaccine prices, and supporting the acquisition of a number of vaccines at guaranteed prices for the countries involved in the fund.

The Ministry of Health has signed an agreement with the COVAX FACILTY Foundation to purchase the vaccine and is planned to buy about 600 thousand doses.

The first batch of the vaccine (for 3% of the population) is expected to be delivered in 2021, after the licensing of safe and effective vaccines.

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