Armenia now has 2,600 beds reserved for Covid-19 treatment

Armenia now has 2,600 beds reserved for coronavirus treatment, Health Minister Arsen Torosyan told a briefing today.

He said 2,300 are regular beds, most of them equipped with oxygen, another 300 are at intensive care units.

According to the Health Minister, about 650 people are in serious condition, 45 of them are on ventilation.

Arsen Torosyan once again highlighted the importance of complying with anti-epidemic measures.

“Even this heavy, but stable condition is a result of effective anti-epidemic measures,” he said.

He stressed that the proper wearing of masks has also proven affective. “Without this we would have more cases than the current 500, 600 or 700 daily,” the Minister added.

He thanked all citizens who have been wearing masks properly, thus saving tens or even hundreds of lives.  

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