Moscow eases lockdown restrictions

About 1 mln people return to work in Moscow this week as lockdown restrictions have been eased, TASS reports.

In Moscow, residents of Russia’s hardest-hit city will not require a special pass to travel around, and restaurants will be able to open outdoor verandas from June 16 and return to regular operations a week after that. 

Hairdressing salons, veterinary clinics and personnel recruitment agencies are to reopen. The same applies to the offices of non-governmental organizations and cemeteries.

Restrictions will be lifted from car sharing services. Film and sound recording studios and research centers will resume normal operation. Theaters, concert halls and circuses will be able to conduct rehearsals.

In a week’s time – starting from June 16 – dentist clinics, companies in the real estate segment, leasing, law, accounting, consulting, advertising and market research will get back to normal activity. It will be possible to hold sports competitions on the condition the seat occupancy rate will be no greater than 10%.

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