Italy’s Tower of Pisa reopens to tourists

Italy’s celebrated leaning Tower of Pisa has reopened to tourists again, three months after closing due to coronavirus, the BBC reports.

First to climb the more than 280 steps were 10-year-old Matilde and her father Roberto, Ansa news agency reports.

The reopening comes as badly-hit Italy eases its lockdown measures.

Visitor numbers are being restricted to 15 at a time at the monument, which, along with surrounding attractions, normally draws five million annually.

Tourists have to wear face masks and an electronic device which sends out signals and sounds if anyone gets within a metre of anyone else.

The tower, whose construction began in 1173, is among several Italian tourists sites to open again, including Milan Cathedral.

Italy is enjoying a cautious relaxation of what were some of the strictest lockdown measures in the world.

At more than 33,000 it has suffered the third highest number of fatalities behind the worst-hit US, and the UK.

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