Danny Tarkanian blames gun control for Armenian Genocide

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Danny Tarkanian said Armenians could have repelled the Turks with guns.

Nevada congressional candidate Danny Tarkanian suggested in a recent interview that the Armenian genocide could have been prevented had the Ottoman Empire not robbed Armenians of their guns, the Huffington Post reports.

Tarkanian addressed the issue of gun control during a March 27 radio interview with Wayne Allyn Root.

“I happen to understand that the first thing Hitler did before he herded the Jews into concentration camps to kill them was he passed, I believe in ’38, a law that said no Jew could own a gun,” Root said. “In the end you’re powerless and defenseless if you have no gun.”

Tarkanian, a perennial Republican candidate and vocal supporter of President Donald Trump, said the Holocaust was an example of “history repeating itself,” and pointed to the Armenian genocide.

“I’m Armenian, and the Ottoman Empire ― they took the guns from the Armenians,” Tarkanian said. “They came and they killed 1.5 million of the 2 million that were there because they had no way to defend themselves.”

Root agreed, and claimed that despots like Russia’s Joseph Stalin and Cambodia’s Pol Pot “always take the guns first.”

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