Serj Tankian’s Ocra Symphony premiers in Armenia

On October 19 the State Youth Orchestra of Armenia, headed by Artistic Director and Principal Conductor Sergey Smbatyan, presented Orca Symphony No. 1 by Serj Tankian within the framework of the 5th Khachaturian International Festival.

Tankian appeared on the stage after the performance  to thank the orchestra for the performance.

”It is amazing that my symphony has been presented in Armenia by this amazing young people. Frankly speaking I am amazed, impressed and excited. I want to thank the State Youth Orchestra and Sergey Smbatyan. You did fantastic job! This is awesome! Thank you! Today I was thinking that our treasure is not under the ground. The treasure is here! We have such brilliant musicians! We must always encourage them,” Serj Tankian noted after the concert.

Orca Symphony No. 1 was recorded on October, 2012 in Austria, Linz. The symphony was released on June 25, 2013 as an album.

The musician said that he had written Orca Symphony as a way of talking about humanity, by comparing the orca – the human whale to the people. The four acts of the composition go through the lifespan of the orca. “Amusing the killer whale and dolphin as a good and bad version of humanity, I am trying to say that we are both good and bad, that we all have color and darkness within us. And it is a voluntary task to go toward the light and to be hopeful in life,” Tankian explained.

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