Germany raises Mosul aid by 100 million euros

Germany has said it will provide an additional 100 million euros in aid to help rebuild the Iraqi city of Mosul after it was recaptured from Islamist extremists, Deutsche Welle reports. Much of the city is in ruins after months of fighting.

The German government says it will massively step up its financial aid to the northern Iraqi city of Mosul after its liberation from “Islamic State” (IS) militants, who held the city for three years.

“Now that Mosul has been liberated, we will quickly expand our programs. This year alone we will invest an additional 100 million euros ($117 million) in stabilization and reconstruction,” Development Minister Gerd Müller told newspapers of the Funke media group published on Tuesday.

“We will save lives, ensure school education and create jobs,” Müller said, adding that the focus would be on children, reestablishing the water and electricity supply, building housing, and medical care.

The report said that Germany had up to now invested some 50 million euros in stabilizing areas around Mosul where citizens who have fled the city are being housed, and in reconstructing regions that have been freed from the hands of IS.

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