Gevorg Ghazaryan: I will do my best to play in Germany or Italy

In an interview with Armenian midfielder Gevorg Ghazaryan talks about his transfer at Olympiacos, his new club Kerkyra, his manager Raiola, coach Michel and his football dreams:

How is your new team?Are you satisfied?
Everyone was really welcoming and warm.I feel good. I feel more confident. I want to help the team to win more games and to achieve our targets. It’s a pleasure to play with the boys and I think we are really strong.

Do you feel that Michel was unfair to you? Do you think you deserved to play more games at Olympiakos?
I was and I am in a good relationship with the coach. May be it didn’t go as well as either of us would have liked I believe  I have dedicated myself in all of the matches I have played and I feel Like I have worked on right things .I wanted to play, I had the chance to make the step up.

Was your dicision to choose Olympiacos a mistake?
No. It wasn’t a mistake. I have experienced myself in a high level team. I hope I will continue on this path, with strong ambition, humility and hard work.

Did Raiola made you choose Olympiacos as part of his own deals? I mean, he forced you in a way because he thought that was the better for him and you?
No he didn’t. We have had several options and we came to the conclusion that Olympiacos was the best at that moment.

Do you have any regrets like if you should have put more effort in training at Pireaus?
No, quite the opposite. The desire to get better all the time, to want more and be the first person to be critical of myself.”

Do you have any complaints from the Olympiacos board? Mr Marinakis?
No.I’m lucky that I get to play here and that I get to play for Olympiacos, where I get to play with fantastic players. It’s so fundamental to be able to play with quality teammates.

Where, which team or country do you see yourslef in 6 months?
I would like to play either in Germany or in Italy. And I will do my best to achieve this goal.

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