Concert in London on Komitas’ 145th birth anniversary

As this year marks Komitas’ 145th anniversary, Music of Armenia will organize a concert in London dedicated to the founder of modern Armenian classical music. The concert will take place at Lumen Church and Café on November 27.

Performing on the night will be young talented Armenian and British musicians who consider Komitas’ music an important part of their repertoire.

Komitas was an ethnomusicologist and composer who created the basis for a distinctive national musical style in Armenia. He was also the most important collector of Armenian folk songs.

On April 24, 1915, the day when the Armenian Genocide officially began, he was arrested and put on a train the next day together with 180 other Armenian notables and sent to the city of Cankiri in northern Central Anatolia, at a distance of some 300 miles.

His good friend Turkish nationalist poet Mehmet Emin Yurdakul, the writer Halide Edip, and the U.S. Ambassador Henry Morgenthau intervened with the government, and, by special orders from Talat Pasha, Komitas was dispatched back to the capital, but the nightmare he had experienced left a deep ineradicable impression on his soul. Komitas remained in seclusion from the outer world, absorbed in his gloomy and heavy thoughts – sad and broken.

In the autumn of 1916, he was taken to a hospital in Constantinople, Hôpital de la paix, and then moved to Paris in 1919, where he died in a psychiatric clinic in Villejuif in 1935. Next year, his ashes were transferred to Yerevan and buried in the Pantheon that was named after him.

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