The film “Being Human: The Manifesto of Ruben Vardanyan” has been released

The film “Being Human: The Manifesto of Ruben Vardanyan” has been released. The film prepared by Ruben Vardanyan’s friends telling about his ideas and projects, has attracted quite a lot of attention both in Armenia and abroad. The personality of the man and visionary Ruben Vardanyan is revealed in the film through stories about him by famous people who shared his life path.

In addition to stories from friends and partners, the film presents excerpts from various interviews with Ruben Vardanyan, in which he mainly talks about his initiatives and projects, the motives and goals that prompted to start them.

The film talks about a number of projects implemented in Armenia, in particular, the “Wings of Tatev” cable car and the “Tatev Revival” project, the “Aurora” humanitarian initiative, and educational projects.

In the preface, the filmmakers note: “We created this film in secret from Ruben. If he had known about this idea, he would probably have advised us to find a better use of our time and energy, but here we will not agree with him.”

The film ends with the message that Ruben Vardanyan conveyed from a Baku prison in May for the Aurora Prize ceremony: “I am sure that together we will do a lot to make the world a better and kinder place. As Marguerite says, love always wins. So let love and values ​​win! Let us be ready to give more than we hope to receive in return, and may everyone achieve great changes for the better!”

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