The truth about Khojalu: Marukyan shares interview of Azerbaijan’s first President

Ambassador -at-Large Edmon Marukyan has shared the original interview of the first president of Azerbaijan Ayaz Mutalibov published in Nezavisimaya Gazeta in 1992.

The first President of Azerbaijan Ayaz Mutalibov said in the interview that “The assault on Khojalu was not a surprise attack”. He emphasized that “a corridor was kept open by the Armenians for people to leave.”

However, a column of civilians was fired on by armed units of the Popular Front of Azerbaijan on the approaches to the Agdam district border, a fact later confirmed by Ayaz Mutalibov, who linked this criminal act with attempts of the opposition to remove him from power, and blamed his opponents entirely for what happened. In his interview with the Russian magazine Novoye Vremya Mutalibov stated that “the shooting of the Khojalu residents was obviously organized by someone to take control in Azerbaijan.”

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