Armenian-French cooperation not directed against anyone, Defense Minister says

Armenia decided to diversify its military-technical cooperation after Armenian sovereign territories were occupied in 2022, Defense Minister Suren Papikyan said at a joint press alongside his French counterpart Sébastien Lecornu in Yerevan.

“It is the sovereign right of the Republic of Armenia, and Armenia is free to decide who to cooperate with. This meets the interests of the Armenian people and Armenian statehood. We are very clear on the issue,” the Defense Minister stated.

When it comes to neighbors, friends and allies, the Defense Minister said “the Armenian-French cooperation is not directed against anyone.”

“Besides, it is our right to cooperate with France, with Iran, and everyone should take note of this. Our French colleagues respect our cooperation with other partners, our Iranian colleagues respect our cooperation with other partners. I think our Russian colleagues should do the same, aslo as all other partners, as Armenia has no taboos when it comes to cooperation for the sake of the Republic of Armenia,” Papikyan said.

He reiterated that any cooperation is for the sake of Armenia and its territorial integrity and is not directed against anyone.

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