Armenian NSS proves video shared by Azerbaijani “expert” false

The video shared by Azerbaijani Telman Gasimov, who presents himself as a military expert and expert in Armenian studies, is false, the Armenian National Security Service (NSS) says.

According to NSS, the video of the building where Gasimov was “born and raised” was sent to him by a person identified as A. K. back in November 2017.

Gasanov then added his voice to the video, thus trying to spread panic among the Armenian society and increase his “weight” in the Azerbaijani audience.

The National Security Service presents an excerpt from the 2017 correspondence as a proof of the above.

The NSS urges mass media and the population of the Republic of Armenia to refrain from publishing unverified information and materials containing falsifications spread by the Azerbaijani propaganda machine, in order not to cause unnecessary tension and panic among the public.

The National Security Service of the Republic of Armenia assures that the operational situation in various directions is under full control.

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