Armenian Astrid Poghosyan honored with Shanghai Magnolia Silver Award 2023

Armenian Astrid Poghosyan has been honored by Shanghai Magnolia Silver Award 2023.

Astrid Poghosyan, who works at the development department of Shanghai Symphony Orchestra, is one of the youngest winners of the award this year. She is the first Armenian winner of this Honor that presented to outstanding foreigners in Shanghai, China.

The award not only shows Shanghai’s appreciation to those who make significant contributions to the city’s development but also embodies its recognition and encouragement for the international young people who make efforts in pursuing their dreams in China, Poghosyan told the Global Times

Coming to Shanghai at the age of 16, Poghosyan, now 30, said that over the years she has well integrated herself into this city, from professional work to daily life, as well as community voluntary services. 

“I’ve been here for 14 years,” she told the Global Times. “I grew up here, and most of my friends are Chinese. I’m an expat from appearance, but I have a very ‘Chinese heart.'” 

Shanghai began honoring expatriates in 1989 with the Magnolia Silver Award and added the gold award and honorary citizenship to the system in 1992 and 1997, respectively, according to the official website of the municipal government. These awards have honored more than 1,827 foreigners in the past 34 years.

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