Armenia ready to accept over 40,000 people from Nagorno Karabakh, but evacuation not “Plan A”, PM Pashinyan says

Armenia is ready to accept over 40,000 people from Nagorno Karabakh, Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan said at the Government sitting today, adding that it’s not only about housing, but also food, healthcare and other needs.

He noted, however, that evacuation of Armenians from Nagorno Karabakh is not the “Plan A.”

“We must do everything so that our compatriots, Nagorno Karabakh residents have the opportunity to live in their homes without fear, with dignity and safety. And in fact, this was the key emphasis of the discussions at the UN Security Council, on which there was practically a consensus, and we should be guided by this logic,” PM Pashinyan said.

“We are in constant contact with our partners in Nagorno-Karabakh and as a result of the discussions we had this morning, we can state that there are certain hopes for a positive change in the situation. This is the assessment of a number of our partners in Nagorno-Karabakh, which we also, in some sense, share,” he added.

“Residents of Nagorno Karabakh, our compatriots, can get a real opportunity to return to their homes. But I also want to say the following: we note that the situation is dynamic and changeable, that is, the information we have at the moment can change in half an hour,” PM Pashinyan further elaborated.

He said the transfer of people from Nagorno Karabakh to Armenia will be on the agenda, If the situation does not improve.

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