Azerbaijani MPs trying to convince themselves the conflict is over – Arman Yeghoyan

Azerbaijani MPs are trying to convince themselves that the Nagorno Karabakh conflict is over, Armenian MP Arman Yeghoyan said at the sitting of the EuroNest Parliamentary Assembly in Yerevan.

“I’m not afraid conflict are not over by simply stating that they are over. The conflicts are when the causes that caused the conflict are eliminated. This is how the conflicts are being over,” Yeghoyan said in response to statements by Azerbaijani lawmakers.

“The causes that brought to the Nagorno Karabakh conflict have not been eliminated, and have even been exacerbated, because the hatred Armenians, Armenian culture and everything related to Armenia is getting worse and worse,” the MP said.

He noted that the very recent proof of this is the creation of a committee meant to eliminate the Armenian inscriptions from churches․

“I want to inform our European colleagues about this. I think the same destiny that befell the Armenian cross-stones in Nakhijevan, where cross-stones dating back to 8-18th centuries were just crashed and thrown into the river,” he added.

“Where are the 200 thousand Armenians that lived in Baku? According to Soviet census, about 500 thousand Armenians lived in Azerbaijan. Where are they now? Apart from Nagorno Karabakh Armenians. Where are the Armenians in Baku and Sumgait? Where have they disappeared?” he asked.

In conclusion, he stressed that peace at any cost is not possible. “The European continent has seen peace at any cost. Peace must be constructed by work, by respect for others’ rights, human rights, right to life, right to property. Is the Armenians’ right to life and property guaranteed in Azerbaijan? I guess, no,” he stated.

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