Azerbaijan trying to cover up cases of vandalism: Armenian Embassy in Greece reacts to Baku’s propaganda

The country that deliberately destroys cultural monuments is trying to cover up the numerous cases of vandalism committed, the Armenian Embassy in Greece said in a statement.

“Contrary to the rulings of the International Court of Justice, Azerbaijani officials continue to spread targeted racial hatred because they do not take any steps to stop the destruction of the Armenian cultural heritage,” the Embassy noted.

The comments come after Anastasia Lavrina and the Azerbaijani Embassy in Greece published a propaganda material (translated into Greek) telling about the Armenian side’s alleged “encroachments” on Russian Orthodox religious heritage on the territory of the Artsakh Republic.

The Embassy describes the video as “another provocative, groundless and false misinformation, which aims to spread hatred towards Armenians and try to drive a wedge in the relations between Armenia and its friends.”

“Artsakh has always been proud of the religious and cultural monuments in its territory, considering them a part of its historical and cultural heritage. The people of Artsakh are also concerned about the preservation of Russian religious and cultural heritage,” the Embassy said.

It emphasized that the state budget of the Artsakh Republic envisages expenditures for the preservation and restoration of historical and cultural monuments every year, as the preservation, study and use of historical and cultural monuments is one of the most important and special spheres of the history and culture of the Artsakh Republic.

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