The Talysh boycott Baku’s “conscription order”

Journalist Avaz Zeynalli confirmed live on Azerbaijani Khural TV today that people in Talysh-populated city of Lenkoran are boycotting Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev’s “conscription order,” expert in Iranian and Oriental Studies Vardan Voskanyan informs.

Speaking at a press conference earlier today Spokesperson for Artsakh’s President Vahram Poghosyan said most of the soldiers killed from the Azerbaijani side were representatives of ethnic minorities.

He said that according to exact information, 148 Lezgi soldiers have died in only one direction. There are several hundred victims among the Talysh.

“According to our intelligence data, this has brought about serious discontent among the ethnic minorities living in Azerbaijan and in the near future we will probably witness acts of protests by representatives of those nations,” the Spokesperson stated.

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