Most Azerbaijani losses are representatives of ethnic minorities, Artsakh says

Most of the soldiers killed from the Azerbaijani side were representatives of ethnic minorities, Spokesman for the President of Artsakh Vahram Poghosyan told a briefing today, citing intelligence data.

He said that according to exact information, 148 Lezgi soldiers have died in only one direction. There are several hundred victims among the Talysh.

“According to our intelligence data, this has brought about serious discontent among the ethnic minorities living in Azerbaijan and in the near future we will probably witness acts of protests by representatives of those nations, because these facts come to prove once again that Azerbaijan is using such provocative actions also against national minorities in its own country by demonstrating such behavior,” the Spokesperson stated.

He noted that Azerbaijan once carried out the same policy of cleansing against Armenians in Artsakh, when it was part of Soviet Azerbaijan.

“Analysis shows that during World War One, only one of 19 Azerbaijani men went to war, while every third male citizen of Artsakh participated in it,” Poghosyan stated.

This comes to prove that Azerbaijan made every effort to eliminate ethnic minorities living under its jurisdiction with such policy, he added.

Vahram Poghosyan shared another important observation from the analysis of the past days,

“In most cases there were syringes in the pockets of the killed Azerbaijan soldiers that appeared on the Armenian side. This testifies to the fact that Azerbaijan sends its soldiers to war under the influence of drugs,” the Spokesperson stated.

“And without any doubt this constitutes a war crime,” he said.

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