Belarus opens criminal case against opposition leaders

The Belarus chief prosecutor has launched a criminal case against opposition leaders, accusing them of trying to seize power, BelTA reports. reports.

The indictment from Alexander Konyuk says the “creation and activity of the Coordination Council are aimed at seizure of state power, and at harming national security.”

Opposition leader Svetlana Tikhanovskaya, currently in neighboring Lithuania, announced the creation of a Coordination Council to ensure a transfer of power. She also asked foreign governments to “help us in organizing a dialogue with Belarusian authorities.”

Chief prosecutor Konyuk said the creation of such bodies is not allowed in law, and they are unconstitutional.

“Several citizens, realizing that such activities are illegal, have said they are quitting the council and disagree with its aims.”

There have been 10 days of street protests over Mr Lukashenko’s landslide victory.

Earlier President Alexander Lukashenko ordered police to end the mass protests against him in the capital Minsk.

On Wednesday, Lukashenko approved a cabinet that would see Roman Golovchenko retain his role as prime minister, with many other key members of the previous government reappointed, the news network reported.

Among those on the list to remain in place was Interior Minister Yuri Karayev, whose responsibilities include policing and public security.

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