Azerbaijanis smash Armenian-owned restaurant, store in Moscow

A group of Azerbaijanis smashed an Armenian-owned building materials store with wooden beams and metal rods, RBC reports. According to the agency, the incident took place near Salaryevo metro station in Moscow.

Telegram channel Baza reported that Azerbaijanis attacked the “Armyanskiy Dom” (Armenian House) restaurant in the same district.

According to the source, about 20 people drove up to the place in cars, after which they “began to smash everything inside and around” and beat the restaurant administrator.

The Union of Armenians of Russian said earlier today that about 50 Azerbaijanis (mostly citizens of Azerbaijan) had been detained for attacking Armenians and their cars.

In a joint statement the Armenian Embassy in Russia, the Russia and Nor Nakhijevan Diocese of the Armenian Apostolic Church and the Union of Armenians of Russia have warned of the deliberate nature of the provocations in Moscow and other cities of Russia, as well as on social media.

“These actions are meant to incite retaliatory steps to involve representatives of the Armenian community in various activities prohibited by law,” the statement reads.

The statement urges Armenians in Russia not to take part in any initiatives, actions or meetings, as well as to refrain from various calls for retaliatory actions on social networks and on various media platforms.

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