AGBU Armenian Virtual College launches second edition of AVC Learning Zone free of charge

On May 11, AGBU Armenian Virtual College (AVC) is back with the Second Edition of the AVC Learning Zone interactive e-learning platform to offer a brand new virtual experience for e-learners from Armenia and Diaspora free of charge.

The new edition of AVC Learning Zone is full of surprises and fresh impressions. For four weeks (May 11 – June 6), AVC Learning Zone 2.0 will deliver 20 exciting topics on the Armenian heritage, including history, music, architecture, wine, gastronomy, chess, and performing arts.

While half of the learning process consists of daily self-education based on multi-media activities, the other half gives an opportunity for interactivity, including live video communication, with caring AVC online instructors and peers during online Meetup sessions or thematic discussions forums.

As a response to a high interest in online session with guest presenters among AVC Learning Zone attendees, the Second Edition foresees a special novelty by including thematic experts as guest speakers during the online Meetup sessions. Anyone passionate about Armenian heritage will be able to join these interactive multimedia sessions.

AVC Learning Zone was launched by AGBU Armenian Virtual College on March 26, 2020 to meet the high demand for continuous online education during the global COVID-19 crisis. The first edition of this free e-learning platform also lasted four weeks and had a great success both inside Armenia and in Diaspora attracting over 1500 platform users. The AVC Learning Zone attendees have formed groups of committed e-learners, who have eventually formed a new global community with common interests.

The AVC Learning Zone initiative was welcomed by the Armenian Government and has received numerous positive feedbacks from the participants from around the globe.

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