LIVE: Iran parliament and shrine attacked

16: 55 Federica Mogherini expresses condolences over Tehran attack

15: 22 Attack ‘ended’ with all four attackers killed

Fars news agency has said that all four attackers at the parliament building have now been killed by security forces, and the attack is “over”.

At the second location, the mausoleum, some reports have said the situation is calm – but it is not yet clear if all attackers are accounted for.


According to Iranian English-language Press TV, three women and one man were involved in the attack at the Ayatollah Khomeini mausoleum.

The TV outlet had earlier reported that three surviving suspects at the mausoleum had been arrested – the fourth is believed to be the suicide attacker.

15:06 ’12 killed’ in Iran parliament and mausoleum attacks

Iranian officials are now saying there were up to 12 fatalities and dozens more injured in Wednesday’s attacks, various media sources report.

14:40 ‘State of emergency’ across Iran

Iran has announced a nationwide state of emergency in response to the attacks on Wednesday, IRTV1 quotes the deputy interior minister for security affairs as saying.

14:21 Attackers ‘dressed as women’

One of them was shot dead, the other detonated a suicide vest, he added.

14:04 ‘A minor issue’ – parliament speaker downplays attack

Iran’s state news agency IRNA quoted the speaker of the parliament, Ali Larijani, downplaying the attack today.

He said “some coward terrorists” had infiltrated the building, but “were seriously confronted”.“This is a minor issue but reveals that the terrorists pursue troublemaking,” he said.“Iran is particularly the active and effective hub of fighting against terrorism and they want to damage this trend.”

13:37 Iranian MPs vacate parliament building

Iranian MPs have left the hall of parliament in co-ordination with security forces amid an attack by gunmen, Iran’s Young Journalists Club (YJC) reported.

Security forces are trying to detain the remaining attackers who stormed the Majlis (parliament) earlier today and are thought to be located on different floors of the building.

There have been reports of hostages being taken.

A plenary session of the Majlis had continued for quite a while after the initial reports of the attack.

13:28 Armenia condemns Iran attack

Armenia’s Foreign Minister Edward Nalbandian: We strongly condemn attacks at Iran’s Parliament and Mausoleum of Ayatollah Khomeini. In solidarity with people of Iran.

13: 21 One attacker on Iranian Majlis arrested

IRNA – One of the four men who attacked the Majlis (the Iranian Parliament) on Wednesday morning has been arrested.

13:17 Islamic State claims responsibility for Iran attack

So-called Islamic State (IS) has claimed responsibility for the attacks in Tehran over an encrypted messaging app, saying its fighters had struck both locations, the BBC reports.

However, the group provided no evidence to back up its claim.

11:30 Armenian MP says parliament sitting continues, despite attack

Speaking to Public Radio of Armenia  from inside the Parliament, Armenian lawmaker Karen Khanlarian said “the nature of the attack is not yet clear, no one has claimed responsibility.”

He said the gunshots were not heard inside the session hall. “There is no panic here and the sitting continues,” Khanlarian said.

11:05 Twin attacks on Iran parliament and Khomeini shrine, 1 dead

AP – Suicide bombers and gunmen stormed into Iran’s parliament and targeted the shrine of Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini on Wednesday, killing a security guard and wounding 12 other people in rare twin attacks

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