Meghri checkpoint at Armenian-Iranian border to be modernized

The program of modernization of the Meghri checkpoint at Iran’s border has kicked off. The project aims to create conditions conducive to business and commodity turnover.

“Modernization of the Meghri border crossing point is the continuation of the program of modernization of the northern checkpoints of Bagratashen, Gogavan and Bavra,” said Armen Sakapetyan, deputy chief of the State Revenue Committee.

He added that the “improved conditions will provide an opportunity to apply procedures meeting modern standards.”

The program is implemented by the UN with financing from the European Union and the International Center for Migration Policy Development.

The modernization of the checkpoint at the country’s southern border will boost the commodity turnover between Armenia and Iran.

The two countries intend to implement on-line data exchange within the framework of the joint use of the border crossing point.

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