Charlie Hebdo cartoons call out Armenian Genocide denial

Charlie Hebdo cartoonists Stephane Charbonnier (Charb), Bernard Verlhac (Tignous) and Renald Luzier (Luz) used their sharp wit to call out Armenian Genocide denial, as recently as last week. Editor Charb and Tignous were tragically killed during Wednesday’s deadly terrorist attack. The Armenian National Committee of America (ANCA) presents three of the cartoons  cartoons that reference Turkey’s crimes.

Charlie Hebdo

Ottoman Turkish Soldier: Are we not committing a genocide, my General?

Turkish General : Today, yes. But in a century, it’ll be a Dieudonne joke.

Luz cartoon, published in January, 2015, referencing recent statements by French Comedian Dieudonne, who was quoted as saying that the Armenian Genocide is as real as Santa Claus…



Charlie Hebdo 1Turkish Army Kills 35 Kurdish Villagers.

Kurdish Villager: That was a screw up. They must have taken us for Armenians.

Charb cartoon published in
2014, when reports surfaced that Turkey had attacked Kurdish villagers instead of assisting the international campaign to help save Kobane.





Recep Tayyip ErdoğanCharlie Hebdo 2 to Turkish police: ‘You can shoot. Just imagine that they are Armenians!”

Cartoon penned by Tignous during the Gezi Park protests in Turkey.






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