Monument to Karabakh martyrs in Varanda unveiled

A monument dedicated to Karabakh war heroes from the Varanda village of Martuni was unveiled Friday during a ceremony headed by Nagorno-Karabakh Republic President Bako Sahakian.

President Sahakian also bestowed a group of freedom fighters from the “Arabo” detachment with state medals, on the 22nd anniversary of the liberation of Varanda, which played a critical role in the eventual liberation of the strategic region of Martuni.

The soldiers were honored for bravery shown in combat while defending the homeland.

Sahakian said that the fact that numerous monuments in Artsakh and Armenia are being built in memory of the men and women who heroically gave their lives for the freedom of the homeland attests to the reality that these heroes are not forgotten and they continue to serve as an example of patriotism and selflessness for generations to come.

Defense Minister Movses Hakobian, other officials, and guests from Armenia partook in the event.

On March 12, Sahakian signed the decree to award the members of the Arabo detachment for their role in the liberation of Varanda and Gharadaghlou villages in Martuni.

Eduard Melqoumian was posthumously awarded the Medal of Courage.

Serob Arshakian, Arthour Grigorian (posthumously), Sergey Grigorian (posthumously), Mher Eghoian, Souren Yepremian, Martin Khanian, Karo Karapetian, Sasounik Hovhannisian, Ara Mkhitarian, Aramayis Nigarian, Arkadi Sardarian, and Arayik Soghomonian were awarded the Medal for Service in Battle.

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