Hollywood actor Joe Manganiello visits Armenian Genocide Memorial

Hollywood actor, producer, director Joe Manganiello visited the Armenian Genocide Memorial and Museum on May 29, accompanied by Zareh Sinanyan, High Commissioner for Diaspora Affairs.

Terviz Rose Darakjian, Manganiello’s maternal great-grandmother, survived the Armenian Genocide. Her husband and seven children were killed by the Turks, and the 8th drowned while fleeing across the Euphrates River. Shortly after these events, Terviz’s ninth child, Sirarpi, the grandmother of Joe Manganiello, was born. The actor talks about his great grandmother from Kharberd with great excitement and admiration.

The guests were welcomed and escorted to the Armenian Genocide Memorial by Edita Gzoyan, Director of the Armenian Genocide Museum Institute. Joe Manganiello also toured the Armenian Genocide Museum, where he got acquainted with the permanent and temporary exhibitions accompanied by the deputy director of the Museum Lusine Abrahamyan, and left a note in the memorial book of honored guests. Expressing gratitude for the visit, Lusine Abrahamyan presented books on the Armenian Genocide to the honored guest.

At the end of the visit, Joe Manganiello planted a fir tree in the Memory Alley in memory of his great-grandmother Terviz Rose Darakjian and grandmother Sirarpi, fulfilling a long-held dream.


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