Footage shows Azerbaijani soldiers shooting at 13th century Charektar Monastery in Artsakh

In a footage shared on social media two Azerbaijani soldiers are seen firing on the 13th century Charektar Monastery in Artsakh, one from an armored vehicle.

The video has been shared by the Caucasus Heritage Watch (CHW), which monitors and documents endangered and damaged cultural heritage.

“Such attacks are in direct violation of the ICJ’s provisional measure concerning Armenian cultural heritage and must be investigated and prosecuted,” CHW says.

The Charektar Monastery is one of the best-known monastic complexes of the Martakert region. It is located on a hill, on the right banks of the Trtu River. The origin of the monastery’s name is unknown. The Holy Mother of God Church of the monastery was constructed in 1260. There are khachkars and gravestones with historically-significant inscriptions in the vicinity.

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