Azerbaijan’s actions nothing but a policy of ethnic cleansing and genocide – Artsakh President’s staff

Azerbaijan’s actions are nothing, but a policy of ethnic cleansing and genocide, Artsakh President’s staff said in a statement.

Once again violating the 2020 the tripartite statement of November 9, 2020, Azerbaijan launched large-scale military operations against the Republic of Artsakh on September 19, targeting civilian objects and the civilian population, leading to casualties and injuries among the population, including women, elderly and children.

“Azerbaijan’s actions are nothing but a policy of ethnic cleansing and genocide, and by implementing it, Baku manipulates the humanitarian corridor and other false humanitarian agendas,” the statement reads.

The President of the Republic of Artsakh, Samvel Shahramanyan, has urgently convened a meeting of the Security Council and discussed the created situation and further actions.

Taking into account the threat to the life and health of thousands of people, official Stepanakert calls on international actors and all interested parties to immediately take all necessary measures to stop the aggression against Artsakh.

“The Republic of Artsakh has always been a supporter of peaceful settlement and reaffirms its readiness to resolve all issues through negotiations,” the President’s Office said.

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