France’s Macron meets Armenian community representatives in Marseilles

French President Emmanuel Macron met with the influential Armenian circles in Marseille during his visit, ARFD reports.

At the meeting, which was also attended by French National Assembly member Sabrina Agresti-Roubache, the latter addressed the French President, saying that in the conditions of the blockade of Artsakh by Azerbaijan and the latter’s attack, a more effective and practical initiative, and not only a moral one, is expected from him.

“I am the only one who has a clear position and message on the Karabakh issue,” said the French President, adding that he has put pressure on Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev.

“Do not doubt my determination regarding Nagorno Karabakh and Armenia as a whole. I will continue to make efforts, even if I am almost the only one in the international family with this agenda. You also know that France sent its military attaché to its embassy in Armenia for the first time, and that means something, right? We have to do everything in our power, as much as possible,” Macron concluded.

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