Company behind smelter in Armenia’s border village of Yeraskh to continue activity despite statements from Azerbaijan

The GTB Steel LLC, which is building a black metal scrap processing plant (smelter) in Armenia’s Yeraskh, will continue to carry out its activities in the border community in accordance with all the requirements defined by the Armenian legislation and for the benefit of the Republic of Armenia, the Company said in response to a statement by the Azerbaijani Ministry of Environmental Protection.

In a statement released earlier today the Ministry said the the construction/operation of the smelter would harm the environment of their country.

Without giving much importance to the above-mentioned statement of Azerbaijan, but taking advantage of the opportunity to provide more detailed information about our project to the Armenian society and based on its own commitment to carry out transparent and accountable activities, GTB Steel LLC announced:

The owner of the metal smelter under construction is GTB Steel LLC, which, in compliance with RA legislation, applied and received a positive conclusion on the impact on the environment from the watchdog, the Armenian Ministry of Environmental Protection, with appropriate test requirements that comply with all international standards. The conclusion confirmed that all modern technologies for the exclusion of negative impact on the environment will be implemented and all adequate measures will be taken. It should also be noted that the smelter is not in operation and is still under construction.

GTB Steel said it will continue its activities in the border community of Yeraskh, which is so important for the Republic of Armenia, following all the requirements specified by the Armenian legislation, and for the benefit of the Republic of Armenia.

“Perhaps, this is the reason for the reaction of the neighboring state. Despite of the above-mentioned actions with hostile motives, we are fully committed to continue our project in the border community of Yeraskh, which is highly important for the economy of the Republic of Armenia,” the company said.

bArmenian Minister of Economy Vahan Kerobyan announced about the construction of the plant in a Facebook post earlier this month.

Almost 200 people already work at the construction site. After the launch of the facility, the number of employees will be 1,000. The mill will have its own meltshop and mainly produce rebar, angles and pipes.

The Minister said a total of 70 million USD would be invested in the joint Armenian-American project. The plant will be located 800 m away from Nakhijevan.

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