Respect for Armenia’s territorial integrity, withdrawal of Azerbaijani forces essential for preventing future violence – France MFA

France has expressed deep concern over the violence that occurred on April 11 on the border between Armenia and Azerbaijan, near the settlement of Tegh in Armenian territory, which left 7 dead and several injured on both sides.

The French Foreign Ministry noted in a statement that the delimitation of the border must be carried out exclusively through negotiation and called on the parties to continue their efforts in this direction.

“Respect for the territorial integrity of Armenia and the withdrawal of Azerbaijani forces from occupied positions on the Armenian side of the line of contact are essential to prevent future incidents and preserve the foundations for a lasting peace in the region,” the Ministry said.

“France fully supports the action of the EUMA observation mission deployed on the Armenian side of the border, to which it contributes and which plays a central role in helping to reduce tensions. It will continue to work, alongside the European Union, in favor of respect for the ceasefire, dialogue and the pursuit of negotiations between Armenia and Azerbaijan,” it concluded.

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