Part of foreign nationals stranded in Artsakh evacuated – Ruben Vardanyan

Some of the foreign citizens stranded in besieged Artsakh have been evacuated, Minister of State Ruben Vardanyan says.

“Families, including those with children, were stranded for more than a month. The government of Artsakh, together with the Russian peacekeepers, today organized the return of a part of them to their homeland,” Vardanyan said in a Facebook post.

However, he said, the inhuman blockade continues for 120,000 citizens of Artsakh, including 30,000 children.

The Lachin Corridor – the only road connecting the Republic of Artsakh to Armenia and therefore the rest of the world – has been blocked by Azerbaijanis since December 12 under fake environmental pretext.

Today, the Azerbaijani side once again disrupted the gas supply to Artsakh.

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