Internet connection restored in Artsakh

The Internet supply has been restored in Artsakh.

Thanks to the negotiations conducted by the Russian peacekeeping troops stationed in Artsakh, the technical specialists of Karabakh Telecom Company managed to go to the accident site and carry out appropriate work to restore the damaged part of the cable.

As of now, Internet connection has been restored throughout the territory of the Republic of Artsakh.

Since January 12, the Internet connection in the entire territory of the Republic of Artsakh was disrupted due to damage to the only cable coming from Armenia to Artsakh.

According to the data of the technical devices of Karabakh Telecom CJSC, the only Internet operator in Artsakh, the cable was damaged in the very part of the Lachin corridor, where the agents of the Azerbaijani government pretending to be environmentalists are stationed.

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