Azerbaijani forces just 4.5km away from Armenia’s Jermuk, army chief tells foreign diplomats

The Azerbaijani forces are just 4.5 km away from the city of Jermuk, Chief of General Staff of the Armenian Armed Forces Eduard Asryan said during a meeting in Jermuk with representatives of diplomatic mission accredited in Armenia, Armenpress reports.

“Right from the beginning of military operations the units of the Armenian Armed Forces, conducting positional fights against the adversary, were repelling the attacks of the Azerbaijani forces,” he said

“During the day, also taking into account the superiority of the enemy’s units, we lost several combat positions in some directions, which allowed the adversary to infiltrate deep into our defense,” Asryan said.

“As a result of actions of our units, in some directions, including in the direction of Jermuk and south-eastern, other eastern directions of Armenia, the enemy was pushed back to their initial positions. The advance in the direction of Jermuk started at midnight on September 13 and continued until the ceasefire was agreed. Before the military operations, the enemy’s distance from the city of Jermuk to the border was 11-12km, but now the adversary is just 4.5km away,” he said.

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