All four SU-30SM jets at the base: EU, NATO defence attachés visit airbase in Armenia

On March 31, the defence attachés of the EU and NATO member states accredited in the Republic of Armenia visited the airbase N of the Ministry of Defence of the Republic of Armenia.

The commander of the airbase, Air force Colonel Samvel Tavadyan presented the daily activities of the military unit to the foreign guests and answered the questions they were interested in.

Afterwards, the defence attachés visited the facilities in the military unit and were introduced to the aviation equipment.

The visiting personnel was most interested in SU 30SM aircrafts. Expressing gratitude for the reception, the defence attachés noted that during the visit they were once again convinced that all four SU-30SM aircrafts were in the home base, and the information spread in the Azerbaijani and Turkish press, claiming that the aircrafts were taking part in the hostilities in Ukraine, did not correspond to reality.

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