Putin says expects report on implementation of rubles-for-gas demand

Russian President Vladimir Putin is waiting until March 31 for a report from the Cabinet of Ministers, the Bank of Russia and the Gazprom company on changing the currency of payment into rubles for gas supplies to “unfriendly countries.” This is stated in the list of instructions the Kremlin published following Putin’s meeting with members of the government.

According to the document, the Government of the Russian Federation, together with the Bank of Russia and the public joint-stock company Gazprom, has been tasked with introducing a set of measures to change the currency of payment for natural gas supplies to the countries of the European Union and “other countries that have introduced restrictive measures against citizens of the Russian Federation and Russian legal entities,” to the Russian ruble.

The Russian President expects the report on fulfilment of instructions until March 31 and then on monthly basis.

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