Ukraine ready for negotiations with Russia, but not in Belarus – Zelensky

Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelensky said in an address to the people of Belarusthat Kyiv is not ready to negotiate with Moscow on their territory.

The statement came against the backdrop of the Kremlin’s announcement that a Russian delegation had arrived in Belarus and was ready for talks in Gomel.

“Now there is a lot of talk about negotiations between Russia and Ukraine, which can end this war and restore peace to all of us. They often mention your capital, Minsk, as a platform for these negotiations,” Zelensky said.

According to the Ukrainian Pesident, four days ago it was precisely from Belarusian territory that “cruise missiles, planes, helicopters, equipment came.” “They hit our homes, they hit our lives.”

Zelensky explained that if there were “no aggressive actions” from the territory of Belarus, Kyiv would be ready to speak with Moscow in Minsk: “We used to speak in Minsk, when you were neutral. We met many times.”

He said that Kyiv offered Moscow alternative neutral venues – Warsaw, Bratislava, Budapest, Istanbul, Baku.

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