Sweden’s Prime Minister is a huge fan of System Of A Down

Sweden’s Prime Minister Magdalena Andersson has revealed that she’s a huge fan of System Of A Down, telling listeners of national radio station Bandit Rock that she thinks the Los Angeles quartet are “really awesome,” Metal Hammer reports.

Andersson, the leader of the Swedish Social Democratic Party, became the country’s first female Prime Minister on November 30 last year, following the resignation of former party leader and PM Stefan Löfven.

Quizzed by Bandit Rock radio morning show hosts Bollnäs-Martin and Richie Puzz as to her listening tastes, Andersson responded, “When it comes to rock, it’s System of A Down.”

Asked if she listens to System at home, Andersson says, “Yes, absolutely, and when it’s [a] party! No matter what kind of party, my husband takes over.”

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