Boris Johnson sings ‘I Will Survive’ to new communications chief Guto Harri

Boris Johnson told his new director of communications Guto Harri, “I will survive”, by singing him lines from the Gloria Gaynor song as he appointed him to the post, the BBC reports.

Mr Harri was hired after a string of resignations from No 10 amid turmoil over parties held during lockdowns.

The aide told a Welsh news website he had seen the PM on Friday afternoon.

Mr Harri told Golwg 360 that after exchanging lines from the 1970s disco hit, and “a lot of laughing”, he and Mr Johnson had “sat down to have a serious discussion about how to get the government back on track and how we move forward”.

He added: “90% of our discussion was very serious but he’s a character and there is fun to be had. He’s not the devil like some have mischaracterised him.”

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