Bill on territories occupied by Azerbaijan brought to the agenda of Artsakh Parliament

Bill on Azerbaijani occupation has been brought to the agenda of the Artsakh Parliament. All five factions represented in the National Assembly have participated in the development of the draft.

Head of ARF Dashnaktsutyun faction Artur Musiyan says “the law is necessary, and even belated.”

“With the help of Turkey and international terrorist organizations Azerbaijan started a war and occupied a large part of the Artsakh Republic. We need to talk about the legal status of those territories, the rights of our compatriots, be it the right to life, the right to property, etc.,” Musiyan says.

The law will apply to the territories occupied during and before the 2020 war. The law will give a clear status to the territories occupied as a result of the three Artsakh wars, says Arthur Harutyunyan, leader of the Free Homeland, CDU faction.

“The law shall establish a legal basis for us. The peculiarities of the activity of the state administration, local self-government bodies, organizations, the peculiarities of protection of human rights, protection of the rights and interests of legal entities in those areas will be defined,” he notes.

According to Metakse Hakobyan, member of the Justice faction, the law will also assess the processes that take place in the occupied parts of Artsakh.

“For more than a year, we have been constantly hearing calls inviting international organizations to make investments, to carry out certain functions there. By this legal act, we shall confirm that if someone does not coordinate actions with the Armenian side, those actions are considered illegal.,” she further clarifies.

The National Assembly will discuss the bill in the first reading on February 16. The second reading and adoption is scheduled for February 18, on the eve of the 34th anniversary of the Artsakh movement.

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