Gagik Tsarukyan elaborates on plans to build the statue of Christ in Armenia

The plans to build the statue of Christ in Armenia do not come to replace other programs, leader of Prosperous Armenia Party, businessman, former MP Gagik Tsarukyan said in a statement.

Tsarukyan’s announcement of the tender for the design of the statue last week sparked a major discussion among the society.

“Building a statue of Christ is my family’s wish. It will become a symbol of awakening hope, light and progress in the country, which our state and the Armenian people undoubtedly need. As for developing our country’s economy, helping the needy, standing by Artsakh, doing charity, building a school and a kindergarten, I have always done it and will continue to,” Tsarukyan said.

“Over the years I have built seven and reconstructed about two dozen churches. I have supported Armenian churches around the world to keep them afloat and to maintain strong ties with Armenian communities,” the businessman noted.

“The statue of Christ is not a church. It is a monument that can rise on the height as an architectural monument. I am ready to discuss with our church, listen to the suggestions and advice. A tender has been announced for the design of the statue. Let the specialists, architects present interesting solutions, interesting ideas, let there be an open discussion, let there be a public discussion. Let this really be a contest of thoughts and ideas. Is there anything wrong with that?” he continued.

“Some say that it can only become a monument of tourist interest. Whatever it becomes will be decided by the people, the Armenians, the Christians, the guests. And what is wrong with that statue helping to increase tourist flows to our country? Isn’t it in the interest of our state to provide tourist flows?” Tsarukyan said, adding that other countries are jealous of the idea, considering that Armenia may become of great interest for the Christian world.

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