Angela Merkel visits TUMO Berlin

This Monday, German Chancellor Angela Merkel visited the TUMO Berlin center.

Merkel had virtually toured the center as part of an online dialogue with TUMO CEO Marie Lou Papazian earlier in the year.

During the visit, the Chancellor not only observed how TUMO’s program was implemented at the educational facility in Germany, but also discussed plans to extend it to other parts of the country.

Chancellor Merkel emphasized that TUMO offers the opportunity for children and young people to meet and learn together. She said there is a “great variety of topics and great individuality” where everyone can determine their learning pace.

Here, young people can learn how to use various digital technologies for free and in a state-of-the-art environment. The aim is to better prepare young people for their later job and career choices, which are becoming increasingly digital. The students determine their focus and their learning pace and are also responsible for their own learning success.

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