Samsung Innovation Campus to be launched in Armenia’s Dilijan

UWC Dilijan, an international boarding school in Armenia, and Samsung Electronics, a world leading technological company, have signed an agreement to launch Samsung Innovation Campus in Dilijan, Armenia. The initiative is aimed at making a contribution to Armenia by enabling Armenian youth to develop their IT skills and learn the concepts related to Mobile Programming.

Technological advancements are key to economic development, which in its turn is empowered by talent. As a leader in technology, Samsung Electronics has the know-how and resources to support this forward-looking project via its corporate citizenship program, while UWC Dilijan, which is firmly integrated in local and regional communities, has the facilities, auxiliary structures and partner organizations to lead its implementation.

The goal of the Samsung Innovation Campus is to contribute to the development of Armenia by equipping young people, through education, with skills that will not only improve their digital literacy, learning abilities, creativity and imagination, but also enable conditions for their future interest in pursuing Mobile Programming and spreading innovative IT technology in the country.

The launch of the Samsung Innovation Campus is scheduled for January 2022. The initiative will focus on 14-16 year-old Armenian children. The program of activities, initially around the town of Dilijan and adjoining areas, will be a pilot with a potential to be scaled up. It is built around the delivery, over the next three years, of a combination of online sessions and in-person boot camps for 150 children over a period from January 2022 through the summer in year one and from October through the summer in the years after. 

Due to the impact of UWC Dilijan, which was founded in 2014, Dilijan, a town of about 20,000 people, has seen transformational development and is becoming a model for regeneration and urbanization. The college represents a significant international presence in Armenia and in the region. With its world-class campus and an international community of students and teachers, UWC Dilijan aspires to have global, regional and local impact.

Samsung Innovation Campus will be implemented with the support of UWC Dilijan’s partner organizations – Dilijan Community Center (DCC), that would help with outreach to the local schools.

We plan to provide the education platform to help young people of Armenia to leverage their unique technical talents and abilities in the IT field and train them in developing their own Mobile applications. We are proud to contribute to the spread of innovative IT technology education in Armenia and to train future high-level IT specialists in close cooperation with United World College Dilijan,said Mr. DH Kim, President & CEO of Samsung Electronics CIS RHQ.

“Founded in 2014, UWC Dilijan is a young institution, but with its world-class campus and an international community of students and teachers, UWC Dilijan aspires to have global, regional and local impact. Our cooperation with Samsung opens a new page in our capacity to contribute to the development of digital skills of young people in Armenia, crucial for the modern economy. We are aware that we have a lot of work to do to deliver this initiative, but we are ready,” said Gabriel Ernesto Abad Fernández, Head of UWC Dilijan.

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