Spanish city of Benalmádena approves twin town agreement with Armenia’s Etchmiadzin

During a plenary session today the City Council of the Spanish city of Benalmádena approved a twin town agreement with Armenia’s Etchmiadzin, Guide to Benalmádena reports.

Councilor and deputy mayor Javier Marín said the Benalmádena City Council has the desire to establish synergies with other parts of the world, to establish cooperation in culture, education and science.

“There are important bonds of friendship between the residents of both cities that have laid the foundations for cooperation between organizations, and will contribute to the realization of joint projects,” said the councilor.

This twinning will be reflected in the implementation of different collaboration projects each year. The local self-government bodies will exchange best practices and experience.

In addition, they will support and develop mutually beneficial business relationships.

The agreement approved in plenary today envisages the signing of a collaboration agreement between the parties for the realization of commercial, tourist, economic, sports relations, etc., that generate mutual benefits for Echmiatsin and Benalmádena.

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