HyeTech showcase brings 43 Armenian-led startups to Yerevan

The HyeTech Showcase is the first-ever startup networking conference of its kind held in Armenia. It brings together 43 cutting-edge startups with operations in 27 countries around the world. The HyeTech network, which was founded in 2011 in Silicon Valley, has grown into a powerful community of technology entrepreneurs, leveraging the strengths and expertise of Armenians around the world.

These technology startups, all founded or led by Armenian entrepreneurs, are meeting to find new solutions to the needs of the fast-growing technology sector in Armenia. Raising more than US $1.5 billion of direct investment, this funding is now being deployed on growth, expansion and hiring.

Additionally, these world-class companies have committed to building deep technology and valuable intellectual property in Armenia.

“We are using our international network of Armenians to connect and grow our ventures,” said

Nerses Ohanyan, the founder of HyeTech. “Networking within this community is very powerful.”

Ohanyan says Armenia has a unique advantage in creating products and developing technologies that address major global needs.

“We can iterate and learn from each other faster, because we’re testing things on a small scale in a tight and collaborative community,” he said. The tight-knit community of the global Armenian tech sector has proven to be an advantage in connecting people and ideas.

Creating access and scaling talent in the tech sector by focusing on attracting, developing and managing talent globally is the major theme of the conference. The lessons learned across dozens of fast-growing startups can be leveraged to enable the entire ecosystem to be more efficient. One of the initiatives is to build a tech bridge to India. This bridge will connect the Armenian tech ecosystem with top technical and business talent in India and accelerate the growth of products and services developed in Armenia and its global ecosystem.

Lara Setrakian, journalist, entrepreneur, impact investor and partner at Fresco Capital, will be hosting a panel with H. E. Ms. Lynne Tracy, US Ambassador to Armenia; H. E. Ms. Andrea Wiktorin, Ambassador and Head of the EU Delegation to Armenia and H. E. Mr. Kishan Dan Dewal, Ambassador of India to Armenia. Together they will discuss trends for harnessing human capital around the world and ideas for the Armenian technology ecosystem, all in order to better enable and connect talent centers worldwide.

The Armenian tech ecosystem also sees a need for developing talent especially through investments in scientific research, including Machine Learning, Biotechnology and Space research. Deep technology drives disruption and is necessary to build the next set of successful technology ventures. Prime example of this is SkyRoot from India that is fueling Space technology and working with India’s Space Research Organization.

Pawan Chandana Kumar, Co-Founder and CEO at SkyRoot will be sharing his experience on building high growth, research-driven startups on the Keynote Panel of HyeTech Showcase 2021: Talent Matters. The panel also includes Vahe Kuzoyan, Co-Founder and President of ServiceTitan, and Tigran Sloyan, Co-Founder and CEO of CodeSignal.

Gituzh is also featured, which aims to promote greater investment into research and science across Armenia, and highlights the critical business need to create powerful connections for talent, IP exchange, innovation and disruptive technology development.

The HyeTech Showcase takes place over two days, held in Yerevan on October 27 and Gyumri on October 28 as part of DigiWeek 21.

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