Lebanese-Armenian designer Krikor Jabotian partners with charity to help the poor

Lebanese couture designer Krikor Jabotian has partnered with  Beit el Baraka, a non-profit charity to launch the Flower Glory campaign of seven broaches to help the poor, Forbes reports.

The limited-edition broaches are created by Lebanese artisans, this is what makes them unique to Lebanon. “Being entirely hand-made by Lebanese artisans, the broaches embody Lebanese workmanship,” notes Jabotian.

The campaign is running throughout this month with all sales going to Beit el Baraka, a non-profit charity that’s dedicated to helping destitute communities with basic needs, providing access to food, decent livelihood, medical services and education.

“Flower of Glory is the atelier’s humble way of giving back to the community after all Lebanon went through this past couple of years,” muses Jabotian. “I always had a great sense of gratitude and respect for Beit el Baraka’s mission and vision and I knew that together we were able to do something about the situation, even on a small scale. Everyone should help as much as they can, as hand-in-hand, we can make a significant step towards realizing the dream of a better Lebanon.”

His inspiration for the seven broaches were inspired by Lebanese women, who for the designer constitute and sustain the country. “The flower motifs, each one as special and unique as the women of Lebanon themselves, serve as a reminder of the nature of life itself, and of the country’s constant state of change: the alternation between blossoming and perishing, life and death,” he says.

Naming the seven broaches: Anahid, Layla, Sabah, Salwa, Therese, Varteni and Victorine, Jabotian and artisans have created bouquets of brass and pearl, of exquisite unique and respective design.

With an Armenian work ethic Jabotian can be seen in his Achrafieh atelier working side by side his staff to create some of the most jaw-dropping couture gowns. Not pretentious but comical without trying to be and direct, Jabotian loves doing what he does best: designing and making women feel special for their big events. The young designer has designed for Queen Rania of Jordan, a connoisseur of the Krikor Jabotian brand. He got his start in fashion by working for renowned Lebanese designer Elie Saab after graduating from the École Supérieure des Arts et Techniques de la Mode (ESMOD) in Beirut. It was the Starch Foundation, funded by haute couture designer Rabih Kayrouz and Solidere that Jabotian had the opportunity to show his creations. This was the conception of his own house at twenty-three, a brand that he runs with his father, mother and sister.

With Lebanon’s worsening situation, it’s his continuous producing of collections that as he says, “is the only thing that is keeping me sane at the moment. I will never stop!”

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