Bright Armenia Party respects people’s decision, wishes productive work to forces to be represented in the Parliament

The Bright Armenia Party has expressed gratitude for every vote cast during the parliamentary elections and congratulated the forces to be represented in the parliament

“As a parliamentary force that put domestic political stability and peace above everything else, the Bright Armenia Party did its best to help overcome the post-war crisis in the country, and the snap parliamentary elections were the only opportunity for this,” the Party said in a statement.

The Bright Armenia Party says it is steadfast in its position that the election is a way for the citizens of the Republic of Armenia to decide on the government that should be formed to lead the country in the coming years.

“The Bright Armenia Party respects the decision of the people, at the same time announces that it will continue to keep the issue of internal political solidarity, restoration of unity within the country on the agenda, reaffirms the conviction that national unity remains the only way to resist the challenges facing our country,” the statement reads.

The Party wished productive work to the forces that have entered the parliament for the benefit of wellbeing of the Republic of Armenia.

Bright Armenia will continue to play a role in all political processes in Armenia and will be preparing for the local self-government elections in the fall.  

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