Armenians vote in snap parliamentary election

Armenians are heading to polls to cast their ballot in the snap parliamentary elections. A total of 2,008 polling stations opened in 38 electoral districts at 8 am sharp.

According to Police, 2,578,678 citizens are eligible to participate in the voting.

Twenty-five forces – 21 parties and 4 blocs are running in the election:

  • Fair Armenia Party
  • Armenian National Congress Party
  • Civil Contract Party
  • Zartonk National Christian Party
  • Liberty Party
  • I Have the Honor Alliance
  • United Homeland Party
  • Pan-Armenian National Statehood Party
  • Bright Armenia Party
  • Our Home is Armenia Party
  • Republic Party
  • Hayots Hayrenik Party
  • Free Motherland Alliance
  • Prosperous Armenia Party
  • Democratic Party of Armenia
  • 5165 National Conservative Movement Party
  • Citizen’s Decision Social-Democratic Party
  • Shirinyan-Babajanyan Democrats Union
  • National Agenda Party
  • Verelk Party
  • Liberal Party
  • European Party of Armenia
  • Armenia Alliance
  • National Democratic Axis Pan-Armenian Party
  • Sovereign Armenia Party

Nineteen local and eight international organizations will observe the elections.

The voting will continue through 8 pm.

The preliminary results will be announced on June 21, at 8 pm.

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