Ruben Vardanyan takes up Armenian citizenship

Armenian businessman and philanthropist, Aurora Initiative co-founder Ruben Vardanyan has become a citizen of Armenia.

“For me this was a very vital decision that I made after the Artsakh War, realizing that the current situation does not allow us all to be indifferent, to not think, to not worry, to not try to change the future of our Armenian world anymore,” Vardanyan said in a video message.

“Having been engaged in various initiatives in Armenia and the Armenian world for decades, I have left many questions to others. Today, standing on this land, which is an important place for me, I want to say that I am the owner. I am the owner of this land. I am the owner of Armenia. I am the owner of the Armenian world. We are the owner,” he said.

‘’We should all understand that the situation in which we live in peace in Moscow, Paris, Glendale, or Buenos Aires will not work. The only option is for us to come together and to build the Future Armenian. Join The FUTURE ARMENIAN Initiative, which aims to create an agenda of questions, the answers to which we can find and implement only together,” Ruben Vardanyan stated.

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